We are a team of people who love children.

We believe every child deserves a home, love and education. We focus on street children in the region of Nepal bordering India, because they receive very little help from the government and other NGOs. 

Our organization is led and run virtually 100% by volunteers

By keeping the staffing and operational costs extremely low, we are able to help more children with our limited funds. Some of our volunteers devote time and creativity from different corners of the world to build awareness and raise funds. Some volunteers travel thousands of kilometers (with their own money and vacation time) to visit the kids and share their expertise. From building green houses, to providing medical check-ups for the kids, to teaching them to dance.

For the daily care of the children, we have a team of 5  Nepali staff living in or near the Birgunj children’s home. 

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Our Sansar Limited
1 Pelham Street
+44 (0)300 075 0150

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Registered in England and Wales No. 6930451 
Registered Charity no. 1132124

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