Code of Conduct

The fundamental values that underpin all the activity of Our Sansar limited are:


Accountability: Everything the organisation does will be able to stand the test of scrutiny by the public, the media, regulators, members, stakeholders and funders.

Integrity and honesty: These will be the hallmarks of all conduct when dealing with colleagues within organisation and equally when dealing with individuals and institutions outside it.

Transparency: The organisation strives to maintain an atmosphere of openness to promote confidence within external bodies.

Openness: The committee welcomes constructive comments, ideas and suggestions from members, and will make every attempt to respond promptly, giving clear explanations as to any decisions taken.

Individual Members will:

  • Support the mission and consider themselves its guardian.
  • Always strive to act in the best interests of the organisation.
  • Declare any conflict of interest, or any circumstance that might be viewed by others as a conflict of interest, as soon as it arises.
  • Submit to the judgment of the committee.
  • Not break the law, go against regulations or act in disregard of organisational policies in my relationships with fellow members, staff, volunteers, members, service recipients, contractors or anyone I come into contact within my role as a member.
  • Strive to establish respectful and courteous relationships with all I come into contact with as a member.
  • Not speak as a member of this organisation to the media or in a public forum without the prior knowledge and approval of the Chair.
  • When speaking as a private citizen individual members will strive to uphold the reputation of the organisation and those who work in it.
  • Show respect to organisational, board and individual confidentiality.
  • Take an active interest in the organisation’s public image and bring to the attention of the committee important issues for the organisation.
  • Not personally gain materially or financially from their role as a member, nor will permit others to do so as a result of any actions or negligence.
  • Document expenses and seek reimbursement according to procedure.
  • Not accept substantial gifts or hospitality without prior consent of the committee.
  • Use organisational resources responsibly, when authorised, in accordance with procedure.
  • Study any agendas/other information sent me, prior to meetings and be prepared to debate and vote on agenda items, maintaining a respectful attitude toward the opinions of others.
  • Honour the authority of the committee, and respect their roles.
  • Accept a majority board vote on an issue as decisive and final.

Individual Committee Members will:

  • Strive to embody the principles of leadership, and live up to the trust placed in them by organisations members.
  • Abide by board procedures and practices.
  • Strive to attend all board meetings, giving apologies ahead of time if unable to attend.
  • Maintain confidentiality about what goes on in meetings unless authorised by the Chair or committee to speak of it.
  • Try to participate in any development activities if appropriate.
  • Continually seek ways to improve committee practice.
  • Support all other committee members how and when appropriate.

Leaving the organisation:

All members understand that substantial breach of any part of this code may result in their removal from the organisation, either temporarily or permanently; all procedures are noted in the Constitution.

Should committee members wish to resign then they shall inform the Chair in advance in writing, stating reasons for resignation.


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