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Urgent Nepal Earthquake Appeal

As well as our on-going projects to improve the lives of street children, the 2015 Nepalese earthquakes have had long-lasting and devastating consequences for many, many people in the country. Although the children in our home in Birgunj are safe, many more children are in desperate need of help. We are opening transit homes to help these children. Read more about our work and how you can help here: Nepal earthquake appeal.

On-going projects

Our projects focus on the sustainability and empowerment of local communities and particularly they seek to relieve the plight of street children.

Our Sansar’s core programmes include:

  • Establishing a children’s home for street children to provide them with shelter, education, care and skills to build a sustainable future.
  • Sending qualified teachers to Nepal to transfer their knowledge and skills to 1,000 local teachers from primary and secondary schools in Chitwan, Hetuada and Birgunj. The aim is to improve the educational standard and experience, benefiting a maximum number of children.
  • Establishing links between UK and Nepalese schools to facilitate cultural exchange and assist the most impoverished schools in Nepal

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