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Teacher Training Programme

Key Aims

At Our Sansar we believe that every child has the right to an education. For these Nepali children, education is the key to providing the opportunities and skills they need to be able to pursue lives free from marginalisation and exploitation.

To help address this problem, Our Sansar in partnership with a local NGO Global Action Nepal supporting experienced local trainers in training teachers to work in impoverished schools in Nepal (Hetauda, Birgunj and Chitwan). In addition to teaching and contributing much needed expertise to understaffed and under-resourced schools, our teachers are helping to develop programmes to meet the educational needs of local street children. The teachers are working at local schools and children’s homes/rehabilitation centres.

Working closely with local teachers and communities, the Our Sansar Nepal team are helping with the provision and development of teaching programmes and skills and vocational training. They also work to help teachers develop extra-curricular activities for the children, including inter-school events, festivals, workshops and community projects.

In March 2015 we began training teachers from 24 local schools in the Hetauda area of Nepal – ensuring they have the knowledge and ability to give these children a good education, and the best chance of a future off the streets.

Divyakanya Mavi School


In a very poor village in Parsa District (Birgunj) Our Sansar is supporting an all girls school – Divyakanya Mavi School, which has around 250 students and only 12 teachers. Currently the school doesn’t get enough government funding and although the teachers are very passionate and dedicated to their work, they barely get paid. In the past Our Sansar has provided volunteer teachers for the school, and now, in 2015, we have been able to fund 1 full time computer teacher for the girls.

Are you a teacher with a passion for making a difference?

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