Name: Balraj

When he was born:


When he joined Our Sansar:

He was 11 years old (together with his younger brother Chetan)

What he loves:

To swim

Wishes for the future:

To be an office worker

His story:

The dad of Balraj and Chetan had gone to India to work. He contracted HIV there and later passed away. Unfortunately their mum has also contracted HIV and is not able to work or look after the boys. She sometimes comes to visit the boys at the children’s home. The situation is heartbreaking, because according to the doctors she doesn’t have much time left to live.

His life at Our Sansar:

The brothers (Balraj and Chetan) are amazingly well behaved and very gentle. They love their school and love helping with the housework. Balraj loves swimming - his face just lights up when he hears the words ‘swimming pool’.