Name: Gaurav

When he was born:


When he joined Our Sansar:

He was 9 years old

What he loves:

To play football

Wishes for the future:

To be an office worker

His story:

Gaurav is from Dhading, Nepal. His mum left his dad and married another man, so his dad looked after Gaurav and his three brothers. Gaurav’s dad is an alcoholic and beat the boys almost every day. He also forced the boys to work; none of them attended school. The authorities sent the four boys to a children’s home in Kathmandu. Gaurav was a little escape artist – he kept escaping from the home and ended up on the streets.

On the streets of Kathmandu Gaurav worked on a bus as a helper and on a building site. Later he went to Hetauda (60 km from Birgunj) where he collected rubbish to make a living. Police found him on the streets and sent him to a children’s home in Hetauda. From that home Gaurav escaped again after a week. When he was found by the police he was sent to Our Sansar’s transit home in Dhading in August 2015.

His life at Our Sansar:

After few months of staying with us at the Dhading transit home, Gaurav really wanted to go to our children’s home in Birgunj. (He saw photos of bicycles and got very excited.) The children’s authorities approved the request and Gaurav is now with us at the Birgunj home.

Gaurav is one of the most remarkable boys and the change in him is just incredible. He turned from an escape artist to one of the happiest residents in our home. He actually enjoys going to school and his marks are getting better and better. He is a very sweet child. We see no more behavior issues from his days of living on the streets. He just keeps saying to us ‘I am very happy here’.