Name: Hem

When he was born:


When he joined Our Sansar:

He was 9 years old

What he loves:

To make things, and to learn

Wishes for the future:

To be an engineer

His story:

Hem’s parents used to live in Kathmandu. His dad left his mum and remarried, and he didn’t want to look after the children anymore. His mum moved to Hetauda with Hem and his sister. Unfortunately Hem’s mum was an alcoholic and died because of alcohol poisoning. Hem and his sister started living on the streets and he remembers going to sleep hungry. Our Sansar staff spotted Hem and with the coordination of the local authorities he joined our children’s home.

His life at Our Sansar:

Hem is always smiling! He is very good at making things - he even made himself a little cupboard to keep his things in. He likes repairing his bicycle. He is very good at his studies, too, and just wants to learn new things everyday. We’ve searched for his sister for a long time and finally managed to find her. Hem’s sister is married now and living in Hetauda, about 60 km from our Birgunj childern’s home. She comes to visit Sunjan sometimes, and we hope to someday reunite Sunjan with his sister so that he can live with her and her husband.