Name: Paras

When he was born:


When he joined Our Sansar:

He was 6 years old

What he loves:

To study, even at 10 pm

Wishes for the future:

To be a policeman

His story:

Paras is from Chapur, Bara District in Nepal. His dad died when Paras was two years old because of a snake bite. After the death of his dad, his mum remarried and left Paras with his grandparents. His grandparents were very poor and couldn’t look after Paras, who then ended up on the streets. He lived on the streets for 3 years and experienced far too much for such a young boy.

His life at Our Sansar:

When he joined our children’s home Paras was very skinny and shy. He hardly ever smiled. He is very happy now - we can hear his laughter all the time! He loves studying, even at 10pm. He also likes playing games and creative activities - arts, music. And he loves being rewarded at the end of the month for being a very good boy.