Name: Raghu

When he was born:

2001 (our best guess)

When he joined Our Sansar:

He was around 13 years old

What he loves:

To discover his voice

Wishes for the future:

We hope to give him better speech therapy

His story:

We know very little about Raghu's past, because he can’t speak or tell us about it. In 2014, the Nepali police found Raghu by a river and notified us. We brought him to our children’s home, and started looking for his family. Despite putting ads in the newspapers and talking to the local community, we and the police couldn’t find anyone who claimed to know him. Clearly Raghu’s family abandoned him.

At first, Raghu had difficulty getting along in our children’s home and exhibited behavioral problems. He was diagnosed with autism. We looked for places specializing in autism to care for him, but we couldn’t find one with the right combination of clinical and home care. We decided that we were in the best position to take care of Raghu, even though it wasn’t going to be easy.

His life at Our Sansar:

In the following weeks and months after he came to our home, we showed Raghu through action that we were committed to get to know him and help him. And the boys living in our children’s home did as well, cheering Raghu up and including him in daily activities. While it’s difficult to describe all that went into enabling Raghu’s transformation, it’s not difficult to see the extraordinary result in Raghu’s video.

Today Raghu is the most loving and caring boy in the world. He looks after the smaller boys, and makes sure everyone leaves the home on time to go to school or on trips. He loves to be counted on as the big brother in his new family.

We paid for an operation on Raghu’s tongue to enable him to speak, and provided him with basic speech therapies with the available local expertise. Raghu has learned to say a few words. And he is so proud to hear his own voice! Raghu needs better speech therapies to continue his progress. If you are a speech therapist who can help, or would like to contribute to his speech therapy fund, please contact us.