Name: Rakesh

When he was born:

2005 (but very mature for his age)

When he joined Our Sansar:

He was 9 years old

What he loves:

Cinema and riding his bicycle

Wishes for the future:

To be a teacher

His story:

Rakesh’s dad left him mum and remarried, leaving Rakesh behind with an unemployed mum. Rakesh started living on the streets, and even travelled to Delhi a couple of times on his own. As what often happens with street boys, Rakesh got involved with street gangs who encouraged him to steal things and take drugs. He was well known to the police who then referred him to our children’s home.

His life at Our Sansar:

Rakesh is a changed boy now - one of the sweetest and happiest boys ever. He goes to school and is so active there that the teacher made him the captain of grade 2. He helps other boys with their homework and likes to keep his eye on everything and everyone.