Our Sansar volunteers sharing experiences for the camera.Our Sansar is an organisation run mainly by volunteers, if you’d like to volunteer with us and join the team then you can expect a friendly and passionate bunch!

We are very flexible in terms of how and when you can work and would appreciate any help you can provide. If you can spare a few hours, day or evening, please get in touch.

You’ll be supported throughout any tasks you take on; all we ask is that you’re genuinely committed and enthusiastic about volunteering.

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We are currently looking for friendly folk to help us with:

  • Marketing and Campaigns
  • Events
  • Fundraising
  • Local Brighton volunteers for events
  • Google Analytics and Adwords


You can volunteer to help Our Sansar’s events team. We hold regular events such as live music, comedy and challenges. We’d welcome an extra pair of hands to get things done! Perhaps you’re a whizz with graphics and can help us design posters and promotional material, perhaps you’re a musician or comedian who’d like to perform at an event, or maybe you’d just like to help us set up on the night!

Contact us: info@testsite.oursansar.org

Please note that you must be entitled to work in the UK.

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