Our Sansar means “our family, our world” in Nepali and Hindi

A good family gives its children much more than food, clothes and shelter. It gives its children the world, by teaching them life skills, love and education. This is what we strive to do for the street children who join Our Sansar so that they can become productive members of their community when they grow up.

Working with local authorities, communities and volunteers

From the start of each project, we partner with the local authorities, communities and organizations experienced in working with street children to plan and execute our work. All our children are referred to us by the police and children's authorities and they work together with us on locating families of the boys. 


Volunteers are a big part of Our Sansar, as we are run 100% by volunteers apart from our local Nepali project staff. By keeping the operational and staffing cost extremely low, we can help more street children with our donations.

The story of Our Sansar

Our projects

We are the only organization in rural Nepal that helps street boys.

  • We give the boys a safe home to live in, clean clothes and nutritious food.
  • We provide rehabilitation and counseling for those addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  • We re-unite them with their families (when viable and safe), and give their families extra food, skills training or farm animals if they need help.
  • We pay for them to attend better schools, even if they return to their families.
  • We teach them life skills, such as washing, gardening, resolving conflicts peacefully and working with computers.
  • We grow 50% of the food they eat by ourselves, and raise buffaloes and chickens for milk and eggs.
  • We pay to help them achieve their dreams, such as an operation for Ram to help him speak, and dance lessons for a boy who wants to become a Bollywood star.
  • We provide vocational training for older boys to prepare them for good jobs.

Our other projects include:

  • Teacher training and support: helping local teachers provide better education to children
  • Café with No Name: our café in Kathmandu that generates funds and awareness for the charity
  • Supporting a local all girls school near Birgunj by providing a full time computer teacher and covering the cost of the internet connection there

Children's home

Teacher's training

Cafe with No Name