Butwal children’s home in progress - we need your help!

Around 300 children as young as 3 years old have no home to go to in Butwal. The local government does not have the capacity, resources or qualified personnel to implement a project to help street children directly.

After consultations with the authorities and other organizations, we were requested to open a transit home and to assist street children. No other NGOs currently work in this area to help street children.

We plan to help approximately 50 children and 25 families a year. Help us raise the money needed to start this home.

Birgunj children’s home

Located in a village 10 KM from Birgunj called Parwanipur, our children’s home lies in the flat country dotted with rice fields, mud huts, horses and carts.   

In 2013 we opened this children’s home to take in street boys found by the local authorities. Today we have around 20 boys living in the home from 4 to 16 years of age. So far we have housed around 40 boys and have been in contact with over a 100 on the streets; and we are actively trying to help them all. 

We are soon setting up a day care center in the center of Birgunj to help even more street children. 

We need donations to keep the home running and help more children.

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