Every child has the right to education. For Nepali children living in poverty, education is the key to providing the opportunities and skills they need to be able to pursue lives free from marginalization and exploitation.

Equip local teachers with skills to educate children

We have partnered with a local NGO, Global Action Nepal, to support experienced local trainers in training teachers to work in impoverished schools in Nepal (Hetauda, Birgunj and Chitwan). We began training teachers in 2013 using local trainers and expanded the training to more schools from 2015. 

We work closely with the local teachers and communities to develop the teaching programs, skill and vocational training tailored for the region. And to ensure children have a well-rounded education, we help teachers develop extra-curricular activities, including inter-school events, festivals, workshops and community projects.

Provide extra support to schools in need

In a very poor village in the Parsa District of Birgunj, 12 passionate, dedicated teachers are struggling to provide quality education to 250 girls in a school called Divyakanya Mavi. The government funding is simply not enough to support them, and the teachers barely get paid.

For this all-girls school, we’ve provided volunteer teachers to help out, and we’ve even managed to fund a full time computer teacher for the girls since 2015.  We want to support teachers and children in such situations as much as we can.

Are you a teacher with a passion for making a difference?

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