I am originally from Taiwan. I lived in the US for years, and now live in the Netherlands with my partner and two kids.

I first got involved with Our Sansar as a donor, and since 2017 I’ve joined the passionate team of volunteers to increase our marketing outreach. My main work is to create a new web site that tells the stories about the children, our work and our collective hope for a better future. It’s been a humbling and rewarding experience as I dig into these stories and strive to share what inspired me with you all.

Why the street children deserve care and help is obvious. Even though I’ve never been to Nepal and met the kids, I feel a personal connection to them as I follow their growth and see photos and videos of their daily lives. I hope through the web site and other forms of communication we can share this connection with people around the world to inspire more action.

Why this particular organization – Our Sansar – deserves your attention is important to note. (I am a busy mom with two small children and a full-time job, so anything that requires my time gets a critical evaluation.) Two reasons compelled me to jump in:

  • Our Sansar is effective. Julia and the local team set a high standard of care for the children, and relentlessly strive to make the best use of the resources by attending to every detail on the ground. They set up projects that can both teach the children life skills and enable self-sustainability for the organization, including growing / raising their food sources, and running a business (the cafe) where they can generate funds and give older boys work opportunities during school breaks.
  • Working with like-minded, devoted people is enjoyable. Most people (everyone except the permanent staff in the children’s home) at Our Sansar do the work for free, because they love children and believe change is urgently needed and already underway. There are volunteers who work regularly for Our Sansar (listed on our web site), and many volunteers who get involved in ad hoc projects. And they are all in similar situations as me – already busy with life and work before getting involved with Our Sansar. As such, we work efficiently, and see results and camaraderie as our ultimate reward.

If you are not already involved with Our Sansar, I hope you will join us in helping Nepalese street children.