JULIA KREPSKA – Founding Director

After living and traveling extensively in Asia, I decided to set up a non-profit organization to help those most in need.

Running Our Sansar has been the most rewarding and challenging work I’ve ever done.

I love building something special with people who share similar values as me. I love being able to help children and families attain decent living conditions that they deserve. And most of all, I love seeing the lovely children in our home grow and flourish into happy, healthy and educated youngsters with a bright future ahead.

What I do for Our Sansar ranges from hiring and managing the local staff, fundraising, managing projects, to organizing projects with volunteers, to day-to-day financial and administrative tasks that keep Our Sansar running. In the past I managed operations for a London based charity, Just for Kids Law, and then managed a UK/US based charity, The Fcancer Project for over 9 years.

Prior to founding Our Sansar, I studied Japanese at the University of Warsaw and International Relations at the Open University. I also worked as a multilingual consultant in Japan for 3 years. I love listening to Leonard Cohen and going on jungle safaris as often as possible.

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