Neesha Budha Magar – Education Officer at the Children’s Protection Centre

As I grew up in the Terai region of Nepal, I have seen the extremely bad situation of children in the Madhesi community. As a result of that, I did my bachelor’s degree in Social Work in Kathmandu. During the internship period, I got involved with children’s organisations as a volunteer and as a trainee. Knowing the difficulties in children’s lives from poor family backgrounds and marginalized communities, my dream and passion to work with them started. My dream came into reality when Our Sansar offered me the position of education officer. All our team here work very hard to help the girls and here we are focused on education and vocational skills but most importantly, we keep their happiness and safety as a priority. I feel very glad that I have been able to pursue my dream to work with children and at the same time I am very grateful to the organisation for providing me this opportunity to work with such a great team. The children and my seniors here encourage and motivate me a lot. They are my real life inspiration.

I love singing, reading and listening to novels, making arts and crafts with children and spending time alone with my favourite music and practising my musical instruments.

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