I am from Jeetpur, Parsa (Nepal).
Five years ago I came to Our Sansar children’s home for the first time. I was fifhteen years old then and didn’t know much about the importance of education. Now I know it: I have proved myself to be a serious, disciplined and successfull student, but most importantly I am now able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong in life.

After two years I returned to my mother”s house and finished my study supported by Our Sansar.
Now, I am back at the children’s home and the purpose of my stay is to gain some work experience. It feels good to be part of the staff. Because of my drawing and dancing skills children call me “the artist”. Together we draw, paint and dance. I love to transmit my passion to them.

My dream is to run my own dance school one day and to be like one of those inspiring and encouraging teachers.

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