Vidya Bharati – Social Worker at Child Helpline

I began my life’s journey by stepping forward not knowing where and what I was going to do but certainly I was searching for a meaning in my life which would give me a sense of satisfaction and joy. I gradually discovered my emotions, passion, strengths and areas of growth. I had many dreams to pursue but life has its own pace to teach us and to guide us towards the goal which would genuinely satisfy us.

I took my first step in the field of social work not really knowing whether I had made the right decision. My constant exposure to the social realities of the world, and of Nepal in particular, during social work studies brought tears, disturbance and desire to mend the unjust structures in my own little way which would give me a sense of peace and joy. Such experiences guided me to dedicate my life to the service of less fortunate children of St. Xavier’s Social Service Centre for five years and I take pride in having given my time and energy for their wellbeing and growth.

After the completion of Bachelors of Arts in Social Work and Psychology, I wanted to enter into the world of child rights protection and to get new exposure to social realities. I wanted to gain more insight into how we can get more involved and become more effective to protect the rights of the children. This is when I joined Our Sansar.

Here I am utilising my knowledge and skills to promote the wellbeing of all children. Moreover, I am really enthusiastic about gaining new experiences, knowledge and understanding.

I am passionate about plants and all the creatures in the universe.

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