We’re so happy to let you all know that we’ve been selected as one of the charities benefitting from the Unique Fundraising Campaign by Dufferin Media who are raising $1 million for charities around the world who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Dufferin Media was founded in 2012 in Orangeville, Ontario. It started off helping small and medium sized businesses manage their social media and internet presence, but has now grown to serve a large number of organisations both locally and internationally. Still focussing primarily on small and medium sized businesses, they help them grow through branding, strategy and implementation.

At the start of July a local entrepreneur approached Dufferin Media with a unique idea to raise $1 Million for charities around the world, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea was to create an online world map, which individuals could visit and pay to light a digital candle with their own message. The aim is to inspire hope around the world, with the proceeds going to charity. These messages, whether it’s a memorial, dedication or message of hope, will be there for the survivors of the future to see and understand what this year has meant to you.

We’re only half way through the year but 2020 has already had a lasting impact on societies, causing pain and loss around the world. 2020 The Year the World Stood Still is on a mission to raise $1,000,000 and bring a bit of light back into the world, as well as memorialising a life-changing year for future generations.

If you’d like to light a candle and share your memories from 2020 please click here . Thank you for your support.

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