So just a short blog now about our way from Kathmandu to Hetauda. Pretty much an unlucky day but very interesting. The strikes in Kathmandu started again but not on a large scale – it was more of a demonstration rather than strike, organised by students but still most of the roads were blocked and it was really difficult to get anywhere. After a few hours of stress trying to get our car sorted when two of our drivers never turned up, we managed to get into our car. In the meantime a supreme court judge was shot dead so blocked roads again… there are still problems with the constitution and the killer actually left a note explaining the reasons for killing the judge. Total mayhem.

We managed to leave Kathmandu very late afternoon and set off for Hetauda. We were driving through some beautiful mountains, crazy roads and half way the road was blocked by a large lorry. What had happened was that a small car had an accident and the lorry was what I think an equivalent to our breakdown recovery. About 8 or so men were trying to push the small car in the lorry… Mukesh and Clint were helping, I was spoiling local children with sweets, and by some miracle they managed to get the car into the lorry so we were free to go. Arrived very late in Hetauda – an amazing place, very green etc. No foreigners here, saw some USAID big cars but don’t think they have actual projects there – couldn’t find any info on that.

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