“Is this on? *taps microphone* Hello? Hello! My name is Bertie and I’m a water buffalo commonly found in the Indian subcontinent. For those of you who struggle with maps – as a hoofed animal, I sure do! – this is the southerly region of Asia, which comprises of Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India. But enough of the geography lessons.


                                               (me looking quite the traveller)

I left Nepal long, long ago to follow the work of Our Sansar. Between you and me, I secretly enjoy being the boss when our director Julia Krepska is away at our children’s home in Birgunj, South of Nepal. So now, as the little boss, I’m going to tell you a BIG fact:


Did you know that one buffalo can provide the

children living in Our Sansar’s children’s home

with five litres of milk a day?


This milk helps provide an income to feed, clothe and educate the children, as well as a being a valuable source of nutrition.

Great, huh?

There’s only one problem. We need a buffalo!

As the newest official member of the Our Sansar team (yippee), and a bit of an expert on buffaloes – if I do say so myself. I’ll be keeping you all up to date and in the know about our Buy a Buffalo Challenge!

  So keep an eye out for me (there can’t be too many other buffaloes in London)! I’ll be out and about campaigning and exploring London Smile


If you’ve missed out on all the buzz so far check it out:

A buffalo for Christmas?? Who could possibly say no to that!

Santa Buffalo


Bertie B.

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