Hi folks, it’s Bertie again! bringing you the lowdown on how our first week of ‘Buy a Buffalo’ went.



It’s officially 1 week since we started our campaign and Gateway Challenge!!!

(If you’re a bit behind have a quick catch up here: http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/buy-a-buffalo/)

and PHEW has it been hectic. We’ve been run off our hooves feet!

But firstly, of course, a HUGE thanks to everyone who has donated so far.


chitwan the__gang_..._and_the_team. SOURCE - YOUTH CLUB

So far in our 1st week alone we have raised a grand total of DUM DUM DUM…….


Cheers guys!

We’ve almost bought an entire buffalo!

But with the target set at £2,000 and 4 weeks left to go, there’s still a bit more to do.

If you fancy having a peek at our campaign or adding a penny or two to the pot;

have a click: http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/buy-a-buffalo/

 Now here’s a quick run down on what else has been happening this week:

Thunderclap It ThunderClap It

As a buffalo I struggle a bit with computers and so forth……… but the guys have essentially set up a Thunderclap It profile to help promote the campaign……. is that right??

And they’ve even written a blog post giving you all the deets:


This’ll probably explain it a lot better than I could!


We even managed to squeeze in a team meeting. My first one in fact!

(just between you and me they’ve got some very exciting events planned for you all!)

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