So a quick post about Birgunj. The town itself is a large border town, loads of dirt and poverty but at the same time loads of shops, trade etc. And very hot – today it’s ‘only’ 39 degrees, it was 46 two days ago.

Here we met a few people: former commerce minister, director of the chamber of commerce, chief of the police, regional director for Red Cross, a local influential businessman, and a director of a local charity, Soyog Simitri.

In a few words – there is no children’s home here, about 100 street children on the streets (trying to get statistics from the local government tomorrow), and the local community are ready to support us – local businesses, we can get a large piece of land 4-5km outside of Birgunj. They are really willing to expand the education programme into small villages around the city. 

We’re going to Mukesh’s house now and tomorrow to Phattepur for the school ceremony, then Hetauda children’s home again, and then on our way to Chitwan. 

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