Firstly, where are the Our Sansar buffaloes?

Great news! Our Nepalese staff have been working hard to secure and develop the gardens in our Children’s Home in Birgunj, Nepal. With helping hands from the boys in the home (they love being out and playing in the gardens!) we are almost ready to introduce our two buffaloes!

Our Director, Julia, is heading out to Birgunj next month and we hope to bring you lots of photos of the buffaloes in their new home then – watch this space 🙂


What’s next for Our Sansar and our children in Nepal?

We have been working hard to support street children from across the globe – the International Day for Street Children on the 12 April was not only celebrated by our children and staff in Nepal, but across the world organisations and individuals came together to DEMAND A DAY FOR STREET CHILDREN!

21 street children attended the Our Sansar event on the 12 April in celebration of this very important day. They all received t-shirts and shorts and a good meal! 45 local guests came to view the celebrations including a local reporter – everyone had a great time!

Find out more here and view photos of how we celebrated in Nepal


Building a future away from the streets for Kamal

We have launched a new campaign to support the boys in our children’s home, meet Kamal and the other boys and see how $10 can help him build a future away from the streets.

View the campaign here

And lastly, thank you for your continuing support….without you, none of this would have been possible! If you aren’t already, follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest news – and to keep track of the boys fantastic progress. For example, did you know that last month, they all passed their end of year exams with flying colours!!

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