You’ll no doubt recognise Kamal as one of the boys currently living in Our Sansar’s children’s home.


This month we’re launching our Global Giving Campaign to help build a life for Kamal away from the streets.

Before Our Sansar

Kamal is originally from the Bara district in Nepal. At only 2 years old, his father left him and his elder brother with their mother. His father’s departure forced the family to move in with their grandparents. However, the grandparents were incredibly poor and owned no land or property of their own, so consequently they were all forced to live in a tiny hut.Kamal’s mother and grandparents earned what little money they could by working in nearby fields. Still this was not enough to cover the living costs for them all. Despite being in Class 4, Kamal rarely attended and spent a lot of time wandering the local village. The strain of living in such small accommodation and a constant struggle for food, led Kamal’s grandfather to contacting an Our Sansar volunteer directly after hearing about the opening of our home. As a result we were able to welcome Kamal into the children’s home on 4th December 2013.

We’re delighted to be able to welcome Kamal into our home and provide him with the food, clothes and education that ever child should receive. However, it doesn’t end there. Now we can begin to look ahead…..

We want to start focusing on Kamal’s future, to ensure that he can achieve his dreams, help his family and build a life away from the streets.

Kamal’s dreams

When he grows up Kamal wants to become a Doctor. Now, receiving an education (and excelling at school!), we can help Kamal achieve his dreams!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Living on the streets, children have limited access to food – and education is often forgone. This lack of education often locks these children in a cycle of poverty and leads to a life of begging. However, with Our Sansar’s help we can ensure these children attend school, gain an education and improve not only their own lives, but that of their families and help to strengthen Nepalese communities.

How will this project solve this problem?

Having lived his own life in poverty, there was little chance of Kamal ever realising or reaching his dreams. However, now with an access to education, food, clothes and a safe environment Kamal can begin to build towards his future. With your help we can provide Kamal and the other boys with books, school supplies and any extra support they need. The education he’ll receive will no doubt be life changing and may even help him reach his dream of studying in the UK to become a Doctor!

Potential Long Term Impact

Without the pressure and concerns of poverty, these children can not only attend school but flourish in their education. An education can allow the boys to follow dreams of becoming Doctors, Policemen, Pilots – whatever they want! With your support we want to ensure they have the best opportunity for the future.

With your help we can do this!


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