About a month ago we were launching our Covid Relief Campaign to raise emergency funds to support the country during this second covid wave. The aim was to raise 16: we collected £14,410 via the Big Give matched campaign and together with a few offline donations and Gift Aid on eligible donations, we managed to raise slightly more than £16,000!

We feel so grateful for the support received so that we didn’t waste any time to act upon it. Just a few days after the end of the campaign we started to distribute food in Parsa (in Province 2): watch the video about the first few days of distribution on our YouTube channel.


The situation is getting worse and worse and while in the capital Kathmandu numbers seems to improve in the countryside where the monitoring and the health supplies are harder to get the situation is becoming very bad. So bad that the Nepali Prime Minister has officially made an urgent plea for vaccines to his UK counterpart given the historic ties the nations share.

Besides the restrictions and the impossibility to work every day due to the strict lockdown, now the rainy season is starting in Nepal, which is making access to some villages even more difficult.

With Pipal Tree and Mithila Wildlife Trust, we have joined our forces together in order to reach and deliver food packages as many people in need as possible, people who don’t have any other source to survive or feed their children. While our objective is to get to about 2400 households, as of last week we had already delivered to more than 500.

Please keep supporting us and donate as much or as little as you can!

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