SQUEAK, SQUEAK was the sound we were woken up to this morning as Chimpy chewed his toy in the hallway. With the monsoon sweeping in across India and much of Nepal, our nights are hot and humid making the breeze that rolls through from opening the windows after waking all the more welcoming.

The breeze has been even more of a relief after the past two days where we have been non-stop getting things done around the home and prepping for the survey.

We finished painting the study room today where some of the boys got involved putting a few licks of paint on the new colour coordinated pink and green walls. Although at first we were a little bit on the concerned side the boys would be putting more paint on themselves rather than the walls; they turned out to be pretty nifty decorators.


As well as painting, we visited a small UN supported NGO that aids Local Development Initiatives in Birganj. Upon visiting we met with organisation members and sat down with some much needed mango juice and biscuits. Volunteers from this organisation have previously helped in collecting data for Our Sansar’s street children survey. After munching our biscuits we conducted some interviews regarding the collection of past data before taking a cheesy photo of us all.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to Hetauda to speak with CWIN Nepal, a leading child rights NGO in the country as well as seeing how the buffalo gets milked…

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