Just over half a week in now and it seems that the words Uncle and Auntie will forever be remembered. As soon as the children return from school they greet every one of the staff members giving a Namaste to each and every ‘Uncle’ and ‘Auntie’ here.

The past two days have been jammed packed for us again. The children are engaged in everything they do here whether they’re helping each other get ready for school, typing away in their computer lessons or, playing an intense game of cricket.


Each day in the afternoon, all of them crowd around together with their textbooks open and pencils in hand scribbling down new English vocabulary they’ve just learnt. Sitting down with them each day, they’ve been putting our Nepali efforts to shame.

As well as helping the children with their English, we took a trip up to a city north of here called Hetuada to meet with a local NGO that supports children across Nepal called CWIN (Child Workers in Nepal). During this meeting we met with Jhabindra Gyawali a Programme Officer for the region. He was able to give us valuable advice from his extensive experience in the field relating to the survey Sean will be carrying out in Birganj.

We really thought the children had been putting us through our paces but found at the end of the day today we were so wrong. Their Bollywood dancing skills are on a whole new level.

Beyoncé eat your heart out.


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