Although our final days have come at the home, they were filled with laughs as we played with the children in the garden and smothered the walls with their painted handprints.

It’s only been a week but it’s seemed like each day has had its moments to remember.

The past few days Sean and Mukesh have been getting up at 05:00hrs each morning heading into Birganj to make contact with street children in order to collect data for the survey. With the survey aiming to gain a better understanding of the backgrounds and circumstances of street children in the city, it has provided a real insight and sombre experience into what these children have to experience first hand. We hope that the work undertaken allows for NGOs to make better policy relating to interventions involving street children in Birganj helping to make their lives that little bit less of a struggle.


As we said, each day has been filled with its moments to remember and one of the things we will be sure to miss is the overwhelming sense of community – or ‘Sansar’ as they say in Nepali – that exists in the area of the home. Each evening a family who make their way home with their buffaloes stop by to help us milk our buffalo. Although the family has been working all day, they are more than happy to stop by and help a neighbour. Something we don’t think we’ll forget after leaving here.

It seems to be a pretty deep last post but our time here has been nothing but laughter with the children and staff here. Even when we left the Children’s Home in the morning with shouts of ‘Goodbye Auntie and Uncle!’ it ended with taxi driver giving us our final laughs. Bumbling along the dirt track we ended up with a puncture on our way to the bus station. Nonetheless our brilliant taxi driver – sporting a t-shirt made by the well known brand ‘Dalvin Klein’ – pushed on managing to change the tyre in time for our bus to Pokhara.

We hope that we manage to have as much fun as we have done on the rest of our travels through India and Nepal.

Thank you Our Sansar and to everyone that made our visit…


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