This year Our Sansar have teamed up with Global Giving to help run our campaign:

Buy a Buffalo

Yep that’s right we want to buy a couple of these lovely creatures for our Children’s Home:

Santa Buffalo

In order to do this we need your help and support to raise awareness and a minimum of £2,000 through our Global Giving page. We’ve got until the 23rd December guys so let’s get moving!!!

Click Here to Donate 🙂

And here’s why:


Not only will it provide a highly nutritional source of milk for the children, but its milk can also provide an income that can help contribute to their education, food, clothes etc. What great creatures!!!

Sooooooo here’s the details ~

A little bit about us

At Our Sansar we’re dedicated to the reduction of global poverty. Currently working in Nepal, we work hard to provide education, welfare and shelter to local communities. We’re a small and fairly new charity so everyone on board really does work around the clock to make a difference. To find out more about our work please give us a visit and say hi!

One of our current projects is our Children’s Home in Birgunj. The home provides children with: Shelter, Food, Education, Counselling, Linking with close or extended families, Skills training and internships with local companies for the older children.

Why our work in Nepal is so important

There are around 30,000 children living on the streets of Nepal. Around 350 of these children are living on the streets of Hetaudu, Chitwan and Birgunj and the numbers are constantly increasing.

More than 50,000 children die annually in Nepal, with malnutrition as the underlying cause of death in more than 60% of those deaths. 

31%  of children aged 5 to 14 are involved in some form of child labour.

There are dozens of statistics that could highlight why our work is Nepal is so vital in providing a promising future for many children. But instead of bombarding you with any more I’ll just show you:





Street Children New Road

With your help we can give these children hope for the future.

Give them the food, security and shelter they need.

The education they have the right to.

And the childhood they deserve,

Let’s put some smiles back on all these childrens faces this Christmas!!!photo14

Why Buffaloes??

So we’ve told you about us, our work,

now a bit more about our campaign……

It costs the equivalent of £1 a day to buy 3 litres of milk for the children in Our Sansar’s home.

1 buffalo would provide around 15 litres of milk a day.

Buffalo milk has a higher nutritional value than cows milk and can be naturally preserved for longer.

Not only does it provide a valuable source of nutrition, its milk can provide an income to feed, clothe and educate the children.

So our plan is to raise enough money to place hopefully 2 (we wouldn’t want one getting lonely!) buffaloes in our Children’s Home. They’ll not only aid the children through their yummy nutritious milk but help us to keep the home running and improve the lives of dozens of street children.

Who knew buffaloes could be so helpful??

So please support us in our cause, donate as much as you can,

and help us buy a buffalo to make a child’s Christmas this year extra special.

Thank you!

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