A fire and its resulting damage, in Nepal
Last weekend a fire broke out in the village of Dhore, Nepal.  Luckily there were no human casualties; however the fire quickly spread and over 200 homes were destroyed. Our Sansar workers, based in Nepal, were shown property and commodities that were destroyed during the fire, with much of grain, harvested the previous day being destroyed. Villagers were left with no food and living in temporary accommodation. Many organisations working within Dhore have managed to provide some degree of relief, and Our Sansar has managed to provide 135 mosquitos night for affected communities.

A similar incident took place in the nearby village of Bakhari where 18 houses were gutted by fire. Again there were, fortunately, no human casualties, and the damage was less than in Dhore. Nonetheless many homes were destroyed, with residence left vulnerable in temporary accommodation. Our Sansar was able to provide 18 mosquito nets for these communities.

Our Sansar, as an organisation, would like to express our support and sympathy for the communities in Birgunj and ask our supporters to show their support for this region.

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