Our Sansar at FSI Challenge 2013

The Hottest FSI Ever

The FSI Challenge 2013 reached Our Sansar’s book of records of being the hottest run ever.

We were in the first week of a heat wave and on the first weekend of July we continued our tradition of taking part in yet another amazing event – the 10k run. Our runners were all geared-up and ready for a weekend to remember. Everyone was excited to take part in this amazing event organized by the FSI (Foundation for Social Improvement). This was an opportunity for us, small charities to raise much needed money for our on-going projects. Our reputation needed to be maintained at high standards that is why we all pledged not to arrive earlier than 10pm. After a smooth road trip up to Thornbridge Hall and setting up Our Sansar’s camp site using nothing but small lanterns by midnight we were all ready to enjoy a late, well deserved BBQ to boost up our energy for the next day’s run.

On Saturday 6th of July, we were all woken up by the excruciating heat of the sunshine. We were all trying to preserve our energy which gradually was taken away by the heat. It wasn’t long until we found ourselves registered and doing the much needed warm up. 5,4,3,2, 1 GO!!! and off we went running through the picturesque Peak District and struggling to keep the pace up in the hilly Bakewell. With most of our runners going for the 10k run, our first runner to cross the finish line was Wojciech and on the ladies side our star Farah (she might as well be related to Mo Farah) which she crossed the finish line although she got stung by a bee. We are all proud of you guys and let’s be the very first ones next year!!!

After the run Thornbridge Hall transformed itself into a massive BBQ ground. We were all so happy and proud to have completed the run and the buzz was everywhere where we were all sharing our running experiences. The sun became our friend and enemy on which we blame the countless pints of local beer we had, in our defence to cool off and celebrate! The FSI organizers were all ready to put together the annual feast with burgers and sausages being mass cooked. The much waited bonfire came in early in the evening, however kept us warm until late at night. With a successful day left behind and one being more proud than the other off we went to our tents for our last night in the Peak District.

Sunday once again the hot weather woke us up way earlier than any of us would actually want. After packing-up we all headed over to enjoy the Garden Party, a lovely healthy breakfast – boar burger. Having a look around and exploring the Thornbridge Hall we decided to visit the lovely town of Bakewell. One of the most useful lessons learned was the fact that Bakewell is actually famous for the Bakewell pudding and not the tart. Enjoyed a nice lunch at a local pub ended our journey to Derbyshire and made our way down to London. On the way back the atmosphere was celebratory not only because our run under the boiling sun but also cheering for Andy Murray Wimbledon trophy.

We would like to thank all of the runners who joined us this year; we look forward to having you again next year plus many others. Also, a massive thank you to all our sponsors for your kind donations, you’re helping us run our newly opened children’s home in Birgunj.

We look forward to seeing you guys next year together with all the new faces. If you’ve missed this year’s run, you can still contribute to running our children home by clicking the ‘Support Us’ button.

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