Another month has passed by while we’ve kept ourselves busy.

Our collaboration with Pipal Tree is becoming stronger and stronger: we have just managed to raise together another 42k which will allow us to carry on our mission to bring food to more and more families in Province 2 despite the rain season and the delta variant.

While the rain keeps falling the boys have been entertaining themselves with table board games, with creative activities like decorating their own t-shirts and with discipline by studying as well as practicing yoga. They also celebrated the international yoga day on the 21st June, raising good vibes for the world.

On the 29th  the boys celebrated another important festivity in the Nepalese culture, eating curd and beaten rice. It was National Paddy Day: this is an annual festival set up as national holiday by the government in 2004. It is celebrated on the 15th of Ashadh (the third month of the  Bikram Samvat, the official Nepali calendar) and falls between the endo of June and the beginning of July. This day marks the beginning of the rice planting season: in fact the Monsoon season is an optimal period to plant rice. Usually people parade in the villages, they do mad fights, they feast with the traditional dish of curd and beaten rice, and sing folk songs. Because of the pandemic the 18th National Paddy Day been observed symbolically, with a governmental program to attain self-sufficiency in rice production.

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