It’s just over a couple of weeks ’til the London – Brighton cycle (a whopping 54 miles!). So to help get you prepped for the big day we’ve come up with some top tips to get you to the coast… (we do recommend some training as well)

1. Snacks

And no we don’t mean a bag of crisps. It’s likely to take you a few hours to complete the route so be sure to bring some healthy bites. Eating little and often will keep you energised (and rumour has it there’s a chip shop at the end).

Granola bar on white background

2. Helmet

While I know many people cycle around London without one – this is going to be a busy route! Things are likely to be spilt and dropped along the way so make sure you’re protected incase you take a tumble.

Bicycle Helmet Isolated

3.  Padded Shorts

This may seem unnecessary and you may think your bike seat is super comfy but… after 54 miles your bottom may say otherwise! You can pick a pair up from most sport shops and trust me, you won’t regret the purchase.

Cycling Race driver is the start, in the shadow of the mountain

4. Get your Bike Serviced

BEFORE you set off on the day make sure your bike is on top form for the event. You don’t want to get stuck halfway between London and Brighton.

Adjusting Bicycle Gears with Pliers and Key

5. Prepare for Rain

The weather hasn’t been great the past week… so while it may still be summer it’s always best to be prepared. Grab a cheap pac a mac to keep you dry – just incase the heavens open.

Cylcing in the rain

6. Water

Sounds obvious – but you’re gonna need a fair amount throughout the route. Try making sure your bottle is re-fillable so you can just keep topping up along the route.


7. Repair Kit

There’s nothing worse than getting a puncture, well maybe getting a puncture and being stranded… Make sure you know how to do a quick fix on your bike if something happens and have a handy little kit with you.

Repairing a bike

8. Money Money Money

Make sure you’ve got a little bit of cash tucked away somewhere. You may need it for an emergency, or simply to treat yourself to something nice at the end of the route.


9. Storage

You’re gonna need somewhere to store your money, snacks, repair kit etc. You may already have somewhere on your bike but it’s worth thinking about before the race.

happy dog in a bicycle bag

10. Take it Easy

The cycle isn’t a race! While it may be tempting to shoot off and speed ahead first thing in the morning, you’re certainly going to regret wasting all that energy in a few hours. Just take it easy and enjoy the route.

If anyone has any more tips – please share! And happy training 🙂

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