Yesterday (April 12th), Our Sansar joined MILLIONS of individuals and organisations around the world to DEMAND A DAY for street children.

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Organisations such as Our Sansar are working hard to change perceptions and gain more help for the 100 million children across the world, that are currently living on the streets.

Hence, we are demanding a day!

Consortium for Street children created a petition that will be handed to the UN in an attempt to make this possible. So far, 5,428 people have signed……… if you haven’t had a chance yet here’s the link:

To highlight the day we held events both in the UK and in Nepal.

Our Sansar staff and the children at our children’s home in Nepal, celebrated the day by giving clothes and food to the children still living on the streets in Birgunj; followed by lots of fun games, activities and even dancing!


Thank you to all those that helped!

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