The International Day for Street Children is celebrated every year on 12 April. The day provides a platform for the millions of street children around the world – and their champions – to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored.

The International Day for Street Children was launched in 2011 by the Consortium for Street Children (CSC), the leading international network dedicated to realising the rights of street children worldwide.

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The day is celebrated all across the globe by street children, policy makers, celebrities, corporates, individuals and of course by Our Sansar!

Since the first international day in 2011, the United Nations commissioned a report into street children in order to be better able to protect and promote their rights. This report was presented to the March 2012 session of the Human Rights Council.

What you can do

Our Sansar would like your help to make the 12 April 2014 the biggest International Day for Street Children yet. The LOUDER TOGETHER campaign, is all about giving a loud voice to the millions of street children all around the world so that their rights cannot be ignored.

SCHOOLS around the UK can help give street children a voice Together we are louder and have more impact…


The International Day is being celebrated across the globe: by street children in Morocco, Uganda, Ethiopia, Guatemala and India; school children in the UK; students in Ireland; the Consortium for Street Children and its 60 members in over 130 countries

How your school can help:

There are a number of ways your school could be involved in celebrating Street Children Day:

  • Join us on the 4 April 2014 (last day of spring term) and hold a non-uniform day in your school. We would ask that each pupil donate just £1 towards the Louder Together campaign, for which they get a souvenir wristband and can dress in daily clothes, in the colours of the Nepalese flag – blue, red and white.
  • Throughout the spring term, children of all ages can design posters and projects, learning about the cultural differences and what a daily life of a street child is like. They can then exhibit their work at the end of term, during your non-uniform day.
  • The experienced team members of Our Sansar can offer a short video clip on street children in Nepal that is tailored to the needs and age group of the class. This can also be shown during class or assembly on non-uniform day at the end of term.

If you want to get involved and would like to find out more about the Louder Together campaign, contact:

[email protected], Projects Coordinator

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