childrens homeWe arrived in Birgunj with a great sense of excitement as we knew that we were coming to the end of a long and hard journey to open our home. However when we arrived we realised that there was a lot more work remaining than we had anticipated, with more cleaning necessary. With the home being unused for two years lots of cobweb cleaning was to be expected to be expected! Luckily we were able to hire some local people to assist us with this. There is much interest in this home from people in the local area and therefore they were happy to help.

The opening ceremony for the home is today and finally it feels that we are getting ready, there should be a good crowd of about 150, with 50 journalists. Hopefully the more people know about the home the more children we will be able to help through this project. Children from nearby villages have already taken interest in the home and last time we arrived there was a group of them already waiting. It is exciting to see the effect that the home is having already.

home dirty 2Another plan for the home was to use the surrounding land to have animals, to provide milk etc. We were planning to have a goat and a cow to help the home run more efficiently. However after spending time at the home it is obvious that the land is not ready for this yet, I think we will have to try and cultivate the land properly to make this possible.

This is a truly exciting time for the organisation and I am very happy that I am able to be out here for the opening of the home. Today is a huge day for us with the grand opening, but this is just the start, we are looking to get this home operational ASAP so we can take children of the street and provide them with safe and secure accommodation.

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