For the past few weeks we’ve been raising funds for our Buy a Buffalo campaign that’s all been in aid of the children that will be/are living at Our Sansar’s children home in Nepal.

We’d like to introduce to you three of the children that are really going to benefit from all your donations and hard work!

Here are their stories;


Kamal, age 12:

Kamal is from the Bara district in Nepal. His father left his mother when he was 2 years old and he has 1 elder brother. When his father left home, Kamal’s family moved in with their grandparents. Kamal’s grandfather is very poor as he does not own any land or property and they all share a small hut. Kamal’s mother and his grandparents work in other’s fields for little money. Due to this they find it difficult to keep everyone fed and pay for general living costs. Although Kamal is in class 4 at school, he only attends sometimes when he is at home, a lot of the time he spends just wandering the local village. Kamal’s grandfather finds it difficult having Kamal at their home due to it’s size and the lack of resources for the family. Kamal’s grandfather contacted an Our Sansar volunteer directly as he had heard about the opening of our home. Kamal was welcomed into the Our Sansar children’s home on the 4 December and has been with us since.


Naresh, age 9:

Naresh is from Birgunj. His mother and father are very poor but hard working, they work in Birgunj as street sweepers. Despite this, they haven’t got a house or land and live in a government provided hut with Naresh’s sister and 2 brothers.

Naresh likes to study, but because of his families situation, he hasn’t had the opportunity to. The time he is at home he spends on the streets. An Our Sansar volunteer met Naresh on the street and learning of his situation, went to speak to his father and mother about him. Our Sansar learnt from his mother and father that there wasn’t a proper environment for Naresh to study, and due to this he was often coerced by his friends into wandering the streets with them.

Naresh’s parents were keen to give him the opportunity to study for a better future and therefore it was agreed that Naresh would join us in our Children’s home.


Pradip, age 10: (Photo Pradip with an Our Sansar local staff member, Radha)

Pradip is from the Bara district in Nepal. He has no father and four sisters with his mother trying to care for them while staying in someone else’s home, begging when she can with no other source of income. Pradip had been begging on the streets of Birgunj for about a month, when he came across a local party and joined in to eat the party food. When the party had finished, Pradip was the only person who did not leave to go home, as he had none to go to. 

The security guard at the party took Pradip home with him that night, planning to reunite him with his mother the next day. However, when he spoke to Pradip’s mother, it was clear that if he left Pradip in this situation, he would shortly be on the streets begging again. Although the security guard did his best to help Pradip, his own family situation meant he could not care for him on an ongoing basis. When the local Our Sansar team were enquiring about street children who may genuinely need their help, and the shelter the new Children’s home could offer, chance brought them to the security guard and it was clear that Our Sansar could offer this boy a chance for a better future.

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