Some more updates – more tomorrow as it’s getting dark and no electricity. We’re in Chitwan now. 

So in chronological order:

Birgunj – after our meetings there we were taken on a little sightseeing tour by our driver and ended up in India – no visas but there was nobody at the border so we just drove through different villages. We also visited quite a few villages on the Nepalese side, and we went to see the driver’s house. This was an experience in itself. 

The next day we went to the school in Phattepur where we met with all the teachers and the founder of the school. We were greeted with flowers etc. After the ceremony we had a long chat with the principal and they are really grateful for the partnership with Wildern School. 

After Phattepur we went to Hetauda to see the children’s home again and to meet the professor who set it up. It was a really long but fruitful meeting, it seems like we share exactly the same values and ideas, which was so refreshing. And very educational at the same time! We have a lot of photos and video of the children. We were shown loads of photos of the children from September last year when they were on the streets, and the change is incredible! The professor stayed with the children for 52 days on the streets, 24 hours a day – the research is invaluable. 


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