As Covid-19 cases are dramatically increasing in India, doctors in Nepal are concerned that the country will face a similar devastating wave as the border districts are already reporting an alarming spike in cases as well as shortage of hospital beds and oxygen. They fear that the variant affecting India is currently spreading in Nepal which would explain the recent surge of cases also among younger population.


 The British actress of Nepalese heritage Amrita Acharia, known for her roles as Dr Ruby Walker in The Good Karma Hospital or as Irri in Game of Thrones,  is deeply concerned about the implications that this second wave will have on the country of her childhood. We are very grateful for her support, as she has recorded a video to promote our emergency appeal!

This is an URGENT REQUEST – we need your help. Between 4th and 13th May we reached our initial target of raising £16,000 through the Big Give matched campaign (including off line donations and Gift Aid). A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us. We have sent the money to Nepal and first provisions have already been bought for the most marginalised families. We can now provide food and basic necessities to 1200 families. This is just a drop in the ocean so we will try and raise more funds to help more families.   All the money raised will go towards the covid relief initiatives.  We only help in areas where there is no other help available.

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