I’m sure you’ll all agree how wonderful it’s been the past few months to see Our Sansar’s Children Home progress and flourish; from seeing the boys excel in class to playing guitar to enjoying helping out with the new chickens! It’s easy to forget how far they’ve come. Settling into a new home is a difficult transition especially for children going into the unknown; introducing a child into the home is always a delicate situation. One of the most delicate introductions the staff at Our Sansar have had took place last Friday…

Our Sansar staff and the District Child Welfare Board had been working together to help rescue a 5 year old boy from the streets of Parsa, Birgunj. The young boy had previously spent his entire life living on the streets with his mother. Harinath Prasad Sha (the police officer who helped lead the rescue), said “We organised this rescue with an aim of providing the boy with some much needed care and education.”


Local teacher, Sabtiri Banjare noted she once asked the mother to start sending her son to the local school; but the mother refused claiming she was capable of teaching her son herself. Up until this point the young boy has received little, if no form of education.

Police claim the mother arrived in town when the boy was only three months old, and witnesses stated she would often experience strange episodes which resulted in physical abuse towards the young boy. Officers agreed this rescue should have happened a long time ago, and were grateful that Our Sansar were able to step in and help.


While similar stories to this are no doubt taking place in dozens of locations around the world, Our Sansar is currently the only charity providing this kind of help and support in the region.

We’d therefore like to extend a huge thank all those who’ve helped.

We’ll keep you updated.

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