Welcome to the Our Sansar Winter 2012 campaign. This campaign is designed to raise awareness of the Our Sansar cause and to raise funds to aid us in the completion of our children’s home. The campaign has two major strategies:

‘Buy a Brick’

This will enable us to help a children’s home in rural Nepal which will provide safe and sanitary living conditions for some of the most vulnerable street children in rural Nepal. Once this accommodation is in place it will become easier to provide these children with, education, care, and training and will aim reunite them whenever possible with their families.

We need your help in order to provide this essential facility to some of the most vulnerable children in rural Nepal and any donation, big or small, will have a huge impact on the future of Nepal’s young generations:

£2 buys 5 bricks (or equivalent)

£5 buys 25 bricks

£10 buys 50 bricks

£20 buys 100 bricks

This is what we are working towards:



We are aiming to break the poverty cycle through empowering communities, and seek to provide a future for children within Nepal this winter. This leads us on the second aspect of our campaign:


Christmas is a time for friends, family and festivities; however for many the simple issue of being in control of their own destiny is still not at reality. Our Sansar, this Christmas want to give children in Nepal just on gift this Christmas, the gift of a future. Through our children’s homes and other projects we want to create an environment where street children do not have to worry about were their next meal comes from, or where they are going to sleep that night. Simply, we want these children to be in control of their own destinies where they can educate themselves in a safe and secure environment.

Therefore we have created the hash tag of #giveagiftofafuture where we are promoting our projects and raising awareness of our objectives.

How can you get involved?

Any donations, big or small, will go a long way to helping us provide safe a sanitary housing for children in Nepal. Please visit our charity giving page to give as much as you can:


Also if you would like to help us promote our aims and help us give the gift of a future please follow us on Twitter (@oursansar) and like us on Facebook (Our Sansar NGO) and help share our message.

Thank you. 





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