FSI event in 2012Friday the 12th April saw the world come together to acknowledge International Day of Street Children. Recognition of this day is global; however there is no official status for this event. One of the primary functions of the global campaign was to get the UN to recognise this as an official day. A petition was drafted and signed by many thousands of people worldwide. We will now have to wait and see whether the UN will recognise this.

IDSC is the biggest date on the Our Sansar calendar; however it is important for us that we do not limit our aims and projects to this one day. Millions of children worldwide live with no shelter and very little security. Although recognition of this issue (in terms of an international day) is a step in the right direction this is only a footstep on the path the eradication of the problem.

Therefore it is crucial for us, as an organisation, to look forward to new opportunities to raise money to aid our projects in Nepal. Therefore we have planned a number of events, firstly a comedy night, and secondly we are taking part in the FSI Challenge 2013. This is a picturesque 10 /4k run around the stunning gardens of Thornebridge Hall in Derbyshire. This will be the fourth year that Our Sansar has taken part in this event and we are as excited as ever to make the journey north this year.

What it is essential we take from IDSC this year is that the issue of street children is a long term one, only through long term planning, which involves local communities can this problem begin to be rectified. Maybe international recognition of the day can be the first step in the long journey to help street children?

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