We are devastated by the news that a second earthquake, measuring 7.3 in magnitude, has hit Nepal just weeks after over 8,000 people were killed in the biggest earthquake to strike the country in over 80 years.

Seventy-six people are known to have died but the figure is expected to rise. Hundreds of thousands of people slept outside last night, either because their homes had been destroyed or because they were simply too terrified to reenter buildings in case of aftershocks or a fresh earthquake.

We are very thankful that, once again, the children and staff at our children’s home are safe; unfortunately so many others have not been so lucky. Just a day before our new emergency shelter was due to open in Gorkha district, we have been forced to seek an alternative building as the one we had hoped to use was too badly damaged in Tuesday’s earthquake.

Millions of children have been affected by the earthquake

We will be taking in orphaned and traumatised children ASAP, and will provide them with food, shelter, education and counselling. We have managed to obtain basic supplies but we still need help to make sure we can give the best care to these children. For the next 7 hours (until 12am EDT or 5am GMT), Global Giving are matching a percentage of every donation made to live projects. Please give what you can and help us give hope and comfort to the children who have been devastated by this tragedy.

Here are some examples of how your donation will help:

  • £7 could buy a mattress for 1 child
  • £16 could buy a pillow, bedding, set of clothes and shoes for 1 child
  • £55 could buy rice for 30 children for 1 month
  • £182 could pay for the social worker and trauma expert for 1 month
  • £195 could buy other food for 30 children for one month
  • £344 could pay for medicines, tables, chairs and other kitchen equipment

Make a difference here: http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/urgent-appeal-nepal-earthquake-relief/

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