After months of planning the latest additions to Our Sansar’s team have finally stomped their way into the Children’s Home in Birgunj!

Deepak and the staff have been hard at work preparing a lovely home for these new arrivals:

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After all your generous donations and support during our Winter Campaign we’d like to introduce to you all to

Motu and Chotu the buffaloes….



“On their first night we tried to bring them inside to relax but Motu was too big for the gate!

But they’ve both settled in really well and seem really relaxed and happy. Plus the kids love them!”


Buffaloes have been part of farming in Nepal for centuries.

Traditionally they provide families with milk, manure, meat, hides (though don’t worry ours are purely being used for milk!)

Buffalo milk is highly nutritional.

They produce 15 litres of milk a day! – providing a great source of income.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work over the past few months we now have a source of income for the home,

AND the children have a free highly nutritional source of milk right on their doorstep.

We’ll be bringing you regular updates on their progress so stay tuned!

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