From our UK team, Julia and Clint had already planned to visit the Nepal team, but the earthquake gave them all the more reason to. The Our Sansar team has been in Dhading for less than 2 weeks and already we are seeing vast improvements in the area, thanks to everyone’s donations.11430147_10155638901500004_5728746996450415628_o

The team have utilised bamboo delivered from India to create bamboo houses in Bhanu Park (a park which was dedicated to a famous Nepalese poet: Aadikabi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya) – just before the monsoon season is the begin!

Bhanu Park is very green and leafy, but importantly gated and secure for the children to stay. The park will be used as a hub for children to be educated and provide support from losing parents and loved ones from the earthquake. Before the bamboo houses were built, the residents were forced to stay in tents which have become uninhabitable due to build up of garbage and infestation of vermin and snakes.


Thankfully ,the schools in Dhading were not too affected by the earthquake and already open for children to continue learning! Generally working the authorities has been pleasant and they have been supportive in getting children the help they need and the work our team is doing to get the children this help. Our Sansar has an proper agreement directly with the government to implement our project in Dhading, which really solidifies the support and dedication we are getting. _DSC0420

If you would like to assist with our project in Dhading, please donate use our Global Giving page: We will be updating our blog with more updates from the work we are doing in Nepal! Thank you all so much for your donations so far!

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