We have lots of exciting updates to bring you from Nepal over the next few days…


Julia and Clint have been out visiting the boys in Our Sansar’s Children’s Home. They’ve been seeing how the boys are getting on and settling into the home – but also improving the home and ensuring all your generous donations go directly to the boys.

As children who have spent a lot of time either living on the streets or coming from homes that could barely afford to feed them – they’ve all had very little chance to enjoy the ‘normal’ treats we  often take for granted.

So…. Julia and Clint brought the boys some exciting new gifts for them to enjoy this summer!

One of the boy’s favourite treats was their first EVER dip into a swimming pool:


As you can imagine there was quite a splash!

The house now also has a musical instrument for the boys to practice on –

The boys loved it, and have been carrying it all around the house playing. Clint gave them a few quick lessons (which they kindly then tried to teach to Julia).


Bubbles have been a HUGE hit 🙂

“The children are amazing, very sweet, playful, polite and really keen to study and gain knowledge.”

Stay tuned and we’ll be bringing you more updates from Nepal soon.

Thank you all!

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