Valery Bangob: Project OfficerValery`s interest in development dates back to the days when his father was the country representative for former US president Jimmy Carter Centre Cameroon. During this time, Valery witnessed how development strategies can contribute to the initial reduction and eventual elimination of poverty in third world countries. This passion for development has spurred Valery to identify, design and implement appropriate interventions with a view to enhancing the situation of the poor and less privileged in society.

Valery has assisted in the development of various community projects in Cameroon. Some of the projects he has contributed his expertise include the community co-finance and co-managed primary health care system; and the successful implementation of the community based forestry development projects in Cameroon.

As an excellent communicator, fluent in both French and English, Valery graduated from the University of East London with a BSc (Hons) Sociology and Third World Development and holds an MSc in International Development and N.G.O Management. His main interest is on examining the role private and third sector organisations can play in poverty reduction within the millennium development goals. In order to enhance his horizon, Valery plans to start a PhD in the nearest future.

Valery is an ardent lover of music and sports so spends his spare time practising martial arts or listening to jazz music.

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