The world’s 1st crowdspeaking platform that helps to promote any cause or campaign!!! (as long as it gets approved)

ThunderClap It

We’re harnessing its almighty powers to help promote and raise awareness for our current ‘Buy a Buffalo’ campaign:

It’s been used by numerous charities and I’ve noticed Stephen Fry has been a big supporter, retweeting numerous links to Thunderclap It profiles.

Essentially all it involves is clicking ‘SUPPORT’ on the profile of any idea that you agree with.


e.g. If you fancy supporting our campaign to ‘Buy 2 buffaloes for our Children’s Home for street children in Birgunj, Nepal’ you click ‘SUPPORT’.

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It’s ideal, and allows you to help any cause with the simple click of a button!!!

So if you happen to have a few spare minutes on this lovely Sunday afternoon (or whatever afternoon you happen to be reading this)


Please click support!!!

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